What is the difference between GPRO and Measures Groups?

GPRO stands for Group Practice Reporting Option and is a method for a practice/TIN to submit Individual Measures to CMS for PQRS reporting. As a GPRO, a TIN can report and submit Individual PQRS Measures that are aggregated at the TIN level. GPROs can only report on Individual Measures for PQRS and must follow the same requirements.

Measures Group reporting is a different method for PQRS reporting. There are 22 Measures Groups that are measures grouped by specialty or diagnosis. If a provider reports on a Measures Group, he/she must report on 1 Measures Group for at least 20 patients (at least 11 of which must be Medicare Part B patients) that are eligible for the Measures Group. Then, the provider must answer the quality action for each patient for each measure that is included within the Measures Group. Each Measures Group has at least 6 measures, and each measure must have a satisfactory performance rate in order to avoid the PQRS penalty. Providers that are part of a GPRO cannot report on Measures Groups.

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