Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Fast Tracker

ReportingMD’s MU Fast Tracker services can remove the red tape and barriers with the Meaningful Use program.

MU Fast Tracker will provide:

  • Meaningful Use program guidance
  • Practice and system review for measure selection and reporting guidance
  • Measure advisement for increased reporting efficiency
  • Custom selected reference materials

Meaningful Use Assistant

ReportingMD’s MU Assistant achieves Meaningful Use Attestation for you.

MU Assistant will:

  • Establish access to the EHR Incentive Program web submission portal
  • Manage EHR Incentive Portal users access
  • Manage EHR incentive information
  • Submit attestation and reporting metrics via the EHR Incentive Program website
  • Initial assessment of Meaningful Use compliance
  • Provide quarterly recommendations for meeting Meaningful Use requirements
  • Review Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) quarterly
  • Identify and report quarterly on adoption of Meaningful Use metrics

Meaningful Use Reporting via Total Outcomes Management (TOM™)

TOM can manage your MU reporting and submission as well as provide population management to ensure that you exceed the MU benchmarks.

TOM will:

  • Manage disease outcomes
  • Help physicians to earn MU bonuses and avoid MU penalties
  • Manage patient populations
  • Typically not require any additional work from staff
  • Provide greater access to reporting with cloud based services
  • Enhance quality care
  • Consolidate disparate systems
  • Achieve superior outcomes

Meaningful Use Brochure