MIPS 2018

Five Ways To Earn An Incentive For MIPS 2018

By ReportingMD | May 3, 2018

Navigating the complex framework of MIPS 2018 has everything to do with the ability to provide services that support practices with successful point optimization and very little to do with organizing data for submission. ReportingMD has solved the technological problems of reporting and perfected the enhancement of performance management to … Continue reading

MIPS 2018 Are You In Or Out? MACRA Exemptions, Thresholds, and Eligibility

By ReportingMD | May 2, 2018

The complexity of the MACRA framework starts with knowing which track to take.  MIPS 2018 or Advanced APMs 2018.  If you’re not part of an Advanced APM and you are billing CMS for services, you may be MIPS eligible.  MIPS 2018 carries forward from where MIPS 2017 left off when … Continue reading

2018 MIPS Reporting Year

Scoring Updates Within The 2018 MIPS Reporting Year

By ReportingMD | April 25, 2018

The 2018 MIPS Reporting Year maintains many of the key features outlined within the 2017 reporting year with a couple added features designed to streamline usage and encourage participation in the program. 2018 MIPS, like the 2017 reporting year, is considered a transition year for which, the reporting year runs … Continue reading

2018 MIPS Program

The 2018 MIPS Program Isn’t Just About Data Submission

By ReportingMD | April 15, 2018

Providers around the nation consistently voice their opinion that the Merit-Based Incentive Payment system (MIPS) is an unnecessary administrative burden that negatively affects their desire to provide high-quality healthcare for their patients. Realistically, when approached correctly using a vendor like ReportingMD, the 2018 MIPS Program is a financial opportunity and … Continue reading