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Can you Reduce Administrative Burden and Improve Outcomes?

Can you Reduce Administrative Burden and Improve Outcomes?

Is your practice overwhelmed with increasing administrative burden? If so, you are not alone.  ReportingMD can not only help reduce administrative burden but also help improve your outcomes, which ultimately leads to higher payment adjustments under several federal and state programs. As our healthcare system transitions from a fee-for-service payment structure to pay-for-performance, clinicians and practices need substantial operational support to manage this change. The various quality payment programs under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid and various commercial payers are complex. To receive reimbursement, physicians need to master a long, convoluted set of rules and requirements that change annually. The legislative rules, which particularizes these programs, are typically long and detailed. Failure to follow every requirement and objective could result in various degrees of consequence from significant payment penalties to government auditing.

You can reduce administrative burden and improve outcomes by utilizing the services and support of ReportingMD. Our organization is staffed with experts in these required programs, which means the onus is on ReportingMD to understand the ins and outs and make sure that your practice is operating well within program guidelines. There is no need for you to find time to read through thousands of pages of preliminary and then final rule making to understand each aspect of each program and any intentions for program futures. Your assigned Dedicated Advisor keeps you informed on an individual basis while our programmatic department provides educational webinars throughout the reporting year. Our experience and knowledge will help you establish the framework necessary to participate in even the most complex performance measurement programs.

ReportingMD will allow physicians more dedicated time with patients and less time inundated with paperwork. ReportingMD is a Qualified Registry (QR) with a certified EHR module for CMS reporting and submission. With proven experience, our team and powerful Total Outcomes Management (TOMTM) application will aggregate data from disparate sources and consolidates that data into a single clinical performance management and analytics tool, with the goal of improving outcomes and bettering patient care.

ReportingMD will work with your practice to install a unidirectional data connection directly to your EHR system to easily pull, mine, and aggregate data. This, along with the ReportingMD knowledge bank, will not only improve outcomes but will serve to reduce clinician, administrative, and technical time and resource burdens thereby reducing your time collecting data, formatting reports and reviewing charts.

By utilizing the services of ReportingMD and our data connection options, practitioners can focus on their patients and spend less time on paperwork. Clinical data should be collected as a natural byproduct of care delivery. Implementing processes to utilize discreet data fields within an EHR system to document quality actions improves performance and increases payment incentives.  Implementing processes and training practitioners to utilize these discreet fields allows for care gaps to be easily identified at the point of care.

In addition to a direct integration with the EHR data, ReportingMD can easily connect with your Practice Management system for billing data as well. Multiple disparate systems, no problem! Installing and implementing a direct data integration to a practice’s billing (and clinical) system(s)is completely secure, so there is no risk of breaching HIPAA regulations by transferring Protected Health Information (PHI) through the cyber-web.  

ReportingMD is the answer to reducing administrative burden and improving outcomes in Value Based Care programs. ReportingMD will provide expert consulting on data, programs and technology. ReportingMD’s Total Outcomes Management (TOMTM) application will provide operational visibility into provider individual or group performance, missed opportunities, and gaps to meet targets. ReportingMD is focused on getting YOU the MAXIMUM incentive possible from pay-for-performance programs.

About the author

Molly Minehan is ReportingMD’s Director of Client Services and Innovation

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