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Can you reduce administrative burden and improve patient outcomes at the same time?


Is your practice overwhelmed with increasing administrative burden?

Healthcare reimbursements continue to transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance, in both public and private payor programs. With each incremental shift, the penalties and incentives increase and the administrative burden placed on practices grows more and more complex.

If your practice is overwhelmed with increasing administrative burden, you are not alone.  ReportingMD solutions reduce your administrative burden and help to improve your outcomes, ultimately leading to higher favorable payment adjustments under most pay-for-performance programs. As our healthcare system transitions from a fee-for-service payment structure to pay-for-performance and value-based care, clinicians and practices need substantial operational support to manage the increased data and quality management. The various federal quality payment programs under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private payers are very complex. To receive incentive payments, practices need to master a long, convoluted set of rules and requirements that change annually. The final rules governing these programs are typically thousands of pages long. Failure to follow every requirement and objective could result in a significant penalty.

You can reduce administrative burden and improve outcomes by utilizing the services and support of ReportingMD. ReportingMD is staffed with experts in these pay-for-performance programs, which means the burden is on us to understand the program-specific details and to make sure that your practice is operating well within the program requirements. With ReportingMD, there is no need for you to find or invest time to review thousands of pages to understand each program detail. Your assigned Dedicated Advisor keeps you informed on an individual basis while our programmatic department provides educational webinars throughout the reporting year. Our experience and programmatic knowledge will help you establish the framework necessary to participate in even the most complex performance measurement programs.

ReportingMD solutions make it possible for clinicians to have more time with their patients and less time inundated with paperwork. ReportingMD is a CMS-designated Qualified Registry (QR) and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) with an ONC Certified EHR Technology module for CMS (and other payor) program reporting and submission. Our proven data aggregation, programmatic service and our (TOMTM) application takes data from disparate sources and consolidates that data into a single clinical performance management tool, with the goal of bettering patient care and optimizing performance in the pay-for-performance and value-based care world.

ReportingMD works with your practice and your practice’s, EHR, Practice Management, and/or other clinical information system vendors to connect directly to your sources of information. From there, ReportingMD uses its proprietary tools and techniques to aggregate detailed source data from your systems leaving your practice without the administrative and clinical burden of collecting, dating, formatting reports and reviewing charts.

By utilizing the services of ReportingMD and our connection options, practitioners can focus on their patients and spend less time on paperwork. Quality measures data should be collected as a natural byproduct of care delivery. ReportingMD’s ability to access discrete data fields within an EHR system to capture quality actions improves performance and increases payment incentives.  The documentation for the quality measures is completed at the point of care and reduces the time needed between patients to document clinical notes. Implementing processes and training practitioners to utilize these discrete fields allows for care gaps to be easily identified at the point of care.

In addition to a direct integration with the EHR data, ReportingMD can easily collect data from your Practice Management system as well. Multiple systems, no problem! With our connectors you can be confident that the data will be transferred accurately and securely. ReportingMD is the answer to reducing administrative burden and improving outcomes in all quality payment program. ReportingMD is focused on getting YOU the MAXIMUM incentive possible!

What is the solution?

Clients choose ReportingMD for our rock-solid history of reporting accuracy, compliance, and skilled advisory services. In its 16-year history, ReportingMD has 100% reporting accuracy and never had a submission rejected by CMS or any other payer. ReportingMD can calculate, track and report on all 400+ measures across the Quality, IA and PI categories.

ReportingMD’s solutions and services are amplified by our technical expertise, which allows us to merge and mine all of your relevant practice data assets. We are ready to receive data from any system.

ReportingMD is a Qualified Registry (QR) and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and has an ONC certified EHR application for CMS reporting and submission.  This makes us uniquely positioned to help you establish and manage the reporting framework for your organization.

At ReportingMD we provide measure driven outcome management solutions called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™). Using TOM™, providers have operational visibility into the clinical outcomes within their patient populations to help improve care across the healthcare continuum.

Our clients engage ReportingMD’s technology, backed by our expert support, to improve population health outcomes, optimize clinical performance score and enhance revenue.

ReportingMD is focused on getting you the maximum amount of money you can earn from your pay-for-performance programs. Find out if we can help you.


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