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Case Study – Carolina Oncology Specialists

By Jessica Raymond

Case Study – Carolina Oncology Specialists

“ReportingMD is a very cost-effective way to optimize MIPS reporting because they know what they are talking about, and they not only keep up with …regulations, but they help us navigate those regulations as well.”

-Nicholas Orlowski, Ankhos EHR founder/Specialist for Carolina Oncology Specialists


Oncology practice partners with ReportingMD to maintain independence and avoid MIPS penalties through their investment in quality analytics


Carolina Oncology Specialists, an oncology practice based out of Hickory, North Carolina since 1983 is committed to their local community and maintaining their independence as a practice for both their patients and staff. To continue their independence, Carolina Oncology understands the importance of quality for both managing the health of their patient population and the opportunity to earn value-based care incentive revenue.

Independent oncology firms started facing mass consolidation in the 1990’s as it became difficult for oncologists to maintain a private practice with the increasing costs and complexities of healthcare. This is not only due to financial constraints, but also due to the continuous stream of new regulations implemented. For Carolina Oncology Specialists to maintain their independence, they continue to invest in quality analytics and they do so in partnership with ReportingMD since 2017. ReportingMD’s Total Outcomes Management (TOM) platform, integration and interoperability expertise, and dedicated advisor service line offers a full support suite for quality and regulatory compliance including MIPS compliance and incentive revenue for their high performing clinicians.

In partnership with ReportingMD, Carolina Oncology Specialists has achieved annual perfect MIPS scores four times and nearly perfect the fifth finalized performance year. Nicholas Orlowski, Ankhos EHR specialist at Carolina Oncology Specialists and the founder/president of Ankhos software remains confident in their decision to partner with ReportingMD, especially after hearing so many non-ReportingMD practices could face severe penalties due to not reporting MIPS before, during, and/or after the pandemic.

“ReportingMD was selected due to their high-touch nature of conducting business… think mostly it’s a ‘peace of mind’ thing: our current CEO knows that ReportingMD is on top of it, and they will communicate with me if changes need to happen. ReportingMD and Ankhos Software keep that boiler running.”

-Nicholas Orlowski, EHR Specialist at Carolina Oncology Specialists


Carolina Oncology looks to the future with ReportingMD

As Carolina Oncology looks towards the future, they want to continue optimizing patient care with a more finetuned focus on different measures for oncology practices. ReportingMD’s expert team of dedicated advisors ensure all questions are answered throughout the year, including changes in benchmarks and measures and what changes are on the horizon given the year-to-year rule making process.


About ReportingMD– With over 19 years of experience, ReportingMD brings a complete data source into one system, providing a 360-degree view of patient population, across your network, group, or practice. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, ONC certified, analytic platform is specially built with best-in-class technology to support the needs of healthcare organizations with detailed provider performance, and drill-down to the individual patient encounter.


About Nicholas Orlowski- Nick is founder and president of Ankhos Oncology Software. Ankhos provides ONC-ATB certified EHR technology to oncology clinics and infusion centers. Since 2009, Ankhos has been developed in-house with boots-on-the-ground mentality, making sure practices stay safe, productive, and profitable. Nick graduated from NC State University with a graduate degree in Computer Science. With an initial career as a defense contractor, Nick switched gears to take on development of an oncology specific EHR. Working closely with providers, nurses and staff in the family oncology clinic, Nick was able to create a product that fills the cracks that non-oncology EHR software misses.


About Carolina OncologySince opening its doors in 1983, Carolina Oncology Specialists, P.A. has continued to expand its staff and facilities to meet the needs of the patients of Hickory, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. Their patients experience the convenience of in-clinic chemotherapy treatments, as well as the treatment and management of blood disorders.

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