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Contact Us: (888) 783-5280 |

Clinical Data Aggregation

Extraction, validation and processing

Clinical Data Aggregation

We understand that no two practices interact with their EHR in the same way. Because there are subtle differences in how practices use technology, extracting and aggregating reliable clinical data sets can be a challenge. Our goal is to reduce the burden on groups and administrators by providing clinical data aggregation, validation and processing expertise.

At ReportingMD we leverage our flexible platform and 18-years of experience to process large, disparate datasets.

Combining our data experience, with in-depth programmatic knowledge, we are able to ingest data from multiple EHR and practice management systems. We can combine that with social and other data to create a 360 degree view of your patient population. Our solutions normalize data for use in common analytic and data visualization tools.

Data as a cube

Data Cube is a shorthand for multidimensional data set. A cube is not a “cube” in the strict mathematical sense, as all the sides are not necessarily equal. But this term is used widely. For clients that have analytic resources readily at-hand, we offer clinical data aggregation and validation services to ensure that all critical elements are available. Data sets are extracted, aggregated, validated and  presented as Cubes, back to you for analysis.

Clients rely on ReportingMD for complex clinical data ingestion, aggregation, validation, normalization, and integration.

  • Vendor-agnostic interface
  • Suggested for use with ReportingMD analytic solution
  • Available delivered to cube, for use in 3rd party visualization tools
  • Near universal compatibility with all EMR and PM systems