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Contact Us: (888) 783-5280 |

Clinical Data Aggregation

Extraction, aggregation, validation and processing

Population Health Data Management

Because there are subtle differences in how practices use technology, extracting and aggregating reliable population health data sets can be a challenge. Our goal is to reduce the burden on groups and administrators by providing data aggregation, validation and processing expertise.

ReportingMD enables high quality, complete, and up-to-date population health data assets based on normalized clinical EMR data, adjudicated claims-based data, SDoH, and other sources.

The process starts with the difficult step of creating an enterprise healthcare data asset — one that your providers trust and can use daily to support important care decisions and address key challenges.

Large, disparate datasets are processed in near real-time thanks to the ReportingMD Data Connector. Our 18-years of EHR and Claims data experience make this connection seamless and precise.

  • Vendor-agnostic interface
  • Near universal compatibility with all EMR and PM systems
  • Also available delivered to CUBE, for use in 3rd party data visualization tools
  • Suggested for use with ReportingMD Total Outcomes Management (TOM™) analytic solution

By effectively unifying claims and clinical data onto a single platform, ReportingMD helps organizations improve the quality of care and ultimately lower costs.

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