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Clinical Engagement Tool

Clinical Engagement Tool – Point-of-Care Gap Management

ReportingMD’s clinical engagement tool enables organizations to fulfill the promise of value-based care, by surfacing contextual insights to the point of care – independent of the technologies in play.

The clinical engagement tool surfaces insights within the provider’s workflow, allowing practices and clinicians a real-time solution for managing patient care gaps, while the patient is present.

As soon as a patient’s chart is opened, the clinical engagement tool mines patient data and feeds providers relevant, patient-specific information to give more context, inform treatment decisions, provide better care and remove administrative burden from providers.

Clinicians should not be forced to open multiple disparate systems to provide care to patients while also managing their outcomes.

ReportingMD’s clinical engagement tool shows the critical action items at the time of care, which provides for better and more efficient patient care, better performance, and reduced cost.