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CMS Reporting and Submission

Under quality payment incentive programs, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), CPC+, Primary Care First, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), or other Pay-for-Performance (P4P) and Value-based reimbursement programs, individual clinicians or groups of clinicians are required to submit performance measurement data to Medicare and commercial payer organizations, on a regular schedule.

When submitting the data, the practice will need to determine which methods of submission are applicable to them and optimal for them. This will depend on a few things:

• Practice make-up: size, specialties, program eligibility, etc.
• Performance analysis
• Billing amounts and adjustment potential
Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) implementation and use
• Measures, thresholds, and benchmarks

Individuals, groups, and virtual groups should consider which submission method best fits their practice/providers.

CMS Reporting and SubmissionReportingMD is a Qualified Registry (QR) and has a certified EHR application for CMS reporting and submission. ReportingMD has the experience and programmatic knowledge to help you establish the reporting framework necessary to participate in even the most complex performance measurement programs.

With the proven experience of our team and the powerful Measure Calculation Engine, Total Outcomes Management (TOM™), data can be aggregated from disparate sources and consolidated into a single Clinical performance management tool. ReportingMD is ready to accept, mine, and interface data from your systems and is compatible with all EHR systems.

Learn why organizations rely on ReportingMD for powerful tools that help improve patient care measurement and reporting, improve quality outcomes, and maximize reimbursement.

Our experts can walk you through the process from measure selection to optimization, and reporting.