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Did Your “Avoid-the-MIPS-Penalty” Strategy Just Backfire?

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CMS wants to make quality scores easily accessible and readily available for the public. Did your “avoid-the-MIPS-penalty” strategy just backfire?

There is much discussion about whether adhering to CMS Clinical Quality Measures has any direct impact on positive patient outcomes. Without a clear answer, a pragmatic approach to fulfilling the administrative requirement and simply avoiding a penalty, had a great deal of merit.

That may have changed.

At the 2020 CMS Quality Conference, Administrator Seema Verma gave an overview of the initiatives that CMS is working on for the year.

In her remarks she said that, “We believe government is responsible for creating and preserving a level playing field for competition. That involves setting guardrails and minimum standards so patients are protected, and providers can compete to provide the highest quality care possible. It involves ensuring that performance can be measured, and that data is transparent so patients can make informed choices when selecting providers.”

Later in her remarks, she expanded on what CMS means by transparent.

“Price transparency often makes the headlines, but quality transparency is equally indispensable.”

“CMS is doing its part to promote transparency.  We are making more quality data available through an API format, so innovators in the field can also use the data and help make it useful for patients.  We are also improving CMS’ “Compare” tools, our most important means of publicizing quality of care information for patients.”

What this means for you

What this means to providers is, CMS will make your clinical quality scores readily available so that patients have the means to, as Administrator Verma put it, “reward high quality by voting with their feet.”

Quality scores available in an API format allows websites like Vitals, ZocDoc and HealthGrades to make easy use of them. And the newly reconfigured “Compare tools” will provide an official avenue for patients to access quality data and compare providers side-by-side.

Will patients, who shop based on Amazon reviews, use these quality scores to vote with their feet?

I think we know the answer, and it won’t be pretty.

Your “avoid-the-MIPS-penalty” strategy just backfired.

At ReportingMD we are ahead of the curve in the drive for higher quality scores. Our team and technology integrate seamlessly to remove your administrative burden and provide the clinical insight necessary to dramatically improve your score.

Our data-driven approach to value-based care analytics help establish a solid strategy for success and our team helps make this easy and seamless.

Value-based care analytics drive quality scores and the process extends far beyond data aggregation and reporting. Success depends on strong clinical data expertise, deep programmatic knowledge and performance analytic solutions that are flexible and transparent.

As the road to high quality scores becomes steeper and patients become more active consumers, you need a skilled team on your side.

ReportingMD can help.

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