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Five Ways To Earn An Incentive For MIPS 2019

Navigating the complex framework of MIPS 2019 has everything to do with the ability to provide services that support practices with successful point optimization and very little to do with organizing data for submission. ReportingMD has solved the technological problems of reporting and perfected the enhancement of performance management to maximize profitability for our clients. After all, we have been doing this for 11 years.

The 5 keys to 2019 MIPS Success are:

  1. Measure Selection

Selection of the right MIPS quality measures is critical to optimize your MIPS Composite Performance Score (CPS).  Selecting quality measures that are not topped out and that have a max value of  10 points is the  best practice for earning incentive revenue. Typically, your EHR only has 50 measures to choose from for reporting.  Working with an organization that has all possible MIPS measures to widen your selection and maximize your possible points will provide you your highest Composite Performance Score. Companies like ReportingMD support all EHR (eCQMs) measures, all registry measures (MIPS CQMs), and custom QCDR measures to  help make sure your measure selection is optimized.

  1. Know your total MIPS Composite Performance Score (CPS)

Don’t wait until the end of the year to learn that your MIPS score is average and the quality measures that you selected have less than 60 possible points. The end of the year is too late to achieve the incentive when you wait to learn your performance. Instead, calculate your score starting in January and February of the reporting year and work towards optimizing your performance throughout the year. Use one application that supports all categories under MIPS.

  1. The Last Mile

Anyone can collect data and submit measures on the MIPS program to avoid penalty. ReportingMD can help optimize your reporting to earn maximum incentive revenue. Earning substantial revenue under MIPS is possible but it requires a solid strategy to maximize each MIPS category to earn the full 100-point MIPS CPS. Your MIPS strategy must encompass clinical engagement, data integration, and executive engagement with the help of an organization that can partner with you throughout the year for complete performance management.

  1. Work with Dedicated Experts in MIPS

Work with specialists in the MIPS field that can strategize and increase your MIPS 2019 scores by defining best practices with integrated data sets that load into MIPS comprehensive reporting and submission applications.

  1. Don’t believe that your EHR will maximize your MIPS score and earn you the incentive.

EMR’s are transactional data information systems that store medical information on a patient. EHRs are not comprehensive MIPS reporting applications that optimize MIPS points and drive revenue back into your physician’s pockets.

TIP: Use a comprehensive MIPS product like Total Outcomes Management (TOM) combined with comprehensive MIPS services to drive your MIPS incentive revenue.

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