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Meet & Greet at ReportingMD: Konrad Starczak

By Jessica Raymond

Konrad Starczak, Product Manager

Describe a typical day at ReportingMD:

“My day starts with the daily “stand up” meeting where the dev team shares their progress for our current sprint cycle and I offer my insights. Then I’ll grab some coffee and meet with Mike Deyett to discuss the user stories I’ve been working on. These stories are goals from the end user perspective, and they’re used by the dev team to build out new features in our TOM application. After that, I’ll spend time researching and further refining my user stories. Then I’ll do some product testing or jump on a sales/client call with Shaun, Molly, or Emily.”


What did you want to be when you grew up?

“A pilot. I’ve always been fascinated with airplanes, and I always thought flying was the coolest thing someone could do.”


What are your hobbies?

“There are so many things I love to do! I hike, mountain bike, snowboard, and ski. When it’s warm and sunny out, I’ll ride my motorcycle or go skydiving. But during the cold winter months, I’ll stick to video games like The Last of Us and Little Nightmares.”


What is your favorite movie?

Gattaca. It’s a sci-fi movie where humans are genetically engineered to eliminate disease and promote desirable traits. The main character is born the “natural” way and must hide his genetic identity to pursue his goal of traveling to space. I like how it explores the concept of nature vs. nurture and questions how we let physical limitations define us.”


What is your dream vacation?

“I would love to ride a motorcycle through Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. That area has so much rich history and so many beautiful temples. Visiting Angkor Wat is on my bucket list.”


If you could have dinner with anyone dead/alive, who would it be?

“Carl Sagan. I love science and astronomy and it would be an incredible experience to hear his thoughts and insights on today’s world.”

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