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Meet & Greet at ReportingMD: Will Diamond

By Jessica Raymond

Will Diamond, Dev. Ops Scrum Master


Describe a typical day at ReportingMD:

“There isn’t one.”


What did you want to be when you grew up?

“I wanted to be the cliche answer of being a professional hockey player but realistically an engineer like my dad.”


What are your hobbies?

“In the winter I coach hockey and in the summer I love to waterski.”


What is your favorite movie?

Wizard of Oz.”


What is your dream vacation?

“Waterskiing in Florida. There is a special area of lakes in Winter Garden and there is a high-end professional skier that owns his own lake in that area (Hancock Lake).”


If you could have dinner with anyone dead/alive, who would it be?

“George W. Bush. I just have a lot of respect for him. He wasn’t necessarily the best President we ever had but as far as my lifetime, he is one of the most sincere.”

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