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Outcomes Management

What is Outcomes Management?

Outcomes management is managing patient care gaps, identifying at-risk patients, and improving value-based care at the various levels within an organization. This provides a means for improving patient care by focusing on the results that health care providers would like to achieve. Achieving superior outcomes happens through patient management practices, protocols, and workflows. Providers can improve value-based care at various levels within an organization by managing patient care gaps.

Outcomes Management

ReportingMD works with clients to improve outcomes of a defined population by collecting data across the care continuum to define the patient experience.

At ReportingMD we provide a measure driven value-based care  analytic solution called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™). TOM™ uses a powerful data engine to merge rich clinical information with other data assets to identify at-risk patients and allow practitioners to close critical care gaps.

ReportingMD’s value-based health care analytic solutions, backed by our expert service, help to improve population health outcomes, optimize clinical performance score and enhance incentive revenue.