Population Health

What Is It?

Population Health Management connects patient data across the care continuum to provide physicians with actionable care decisions at the point of care.

How We Make It Work?

Population HealthReportingMD® seeks to improve outcomes of a defined population by collecting data across the care continuum to define the patient experience.

Strong population health applications will give facilities and providers the ability to access, track, and communicate electronic healthcare information at the point of care, thus improving day-to-day clinical performance.  Population health applications with a more comprehensive perspective of the patient health experience, promote better patient outcomes management which fosters enhanced care quality and reduces care cost.

ReportingMD®’s Population Health Solution Total Outcomes Management Pro provides:

  • Opportunity to prioritize healthcare initiatives to manage gaps in care and define high priority care items
  • Improve patient care measurement and management, resulting in pay-for-performance program incentive payments
  • Provide data integration so that providers have all relevant patient information (payer, provider, hospital, ) in a centralized application that is available at the point of care, thereby identifying care gaps and improving patient outcomes
  • Enhance interoperability providing data across the spectrum of healthcare devices at the point of service
  • Create large data sources that have all relevant data to care for a singular patient
  • Data integration of patient information across the care continuum
  • Interoperability of devices and systems so that patient care information is collected and available at the right time and place
  • Identifying unique patients across disparate systems to successfully provide care
  • Normalizing healthcare data semantics across the marketplace to allow for interoperability