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Population Health

What Is Population Health Management?

Population Health Management connects patient data across the care continuum to provide physicians with actionable decisions at the point of care. The core of population health is about data integration and interoperability assisted by massive data engines. Data integration helps providers manage care across the entire patient care platform to achieve improvements in the health of the population they serve. These platforms are now expected (and often mandated) by the carriers under value-based programs.

Population health management requires both analysis and action. It’s a comprehensive approach to uncovering gaps in care and filling those gaps – for the benefit of patients, practices and the population they serve.

Population Health

ReportingMD® works with clients to improve outcomes of a defined population by collecting data across the care continuum to define the patient experience.

At ReportingMD we have Measure Driven Outcome Management Software called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™). TOM™ uses cloud-based architecture and combines payment and clinical data to identify at-risk patients and all open care gaps. This tool, in combination with ReportingMD’s expert support, positions clinicians and practices to improve patient care and maximize performance management.

Strong population health applications, like TOM™, give facilities and providers the ability to access, track, and communicate electronic healthcare information at the point of care, thus improving day-to-day clinical performance.

Clients choose ReportingMD for both our skilled advisory services and our technical experience, which allows us to merge rich clinical information with other data assets to improve population health outcomes, optimize clinical performance scores, and enhance revenue.