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Total Outcomes Management (TOM™)

What is Total Outcomes Management?

At ReportingMD we provide a measure driven patient outcome management solution called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™). TOM™ is the premier solution for large and mid-sized organizations that are ready to actively manage clinical performance and value-based care revenue.

Who uses TOM™?

  • Healthcare Executives use TOM™ to provide visibility into clinical performance relative to pay-for-performance programs.
  • Practices use TOM™ to close critical care gaps, and to document their superior quality outcomes.

TOM™ Enterprise includes technical services, software and professional services. The Enterprise solution offers several areas of support that are critical to an organization that wants to maximize potential incentive revenue across multiple Pay-for-performance programs.

TOM™ Basic includes technical services and software. The Basic solution is most appropriate for practices whose primary focus is avoiding penalties and managing physician performance in value based payment programs.

Why is TOM™ important?

Strong population health solutions, like TOM™, give organizations and providers the ability to access, track, and communicate critical gaps in patient care, thus improving clinical performance.

TOM™ is cloud-based, allowing password-protected access to data from any web browser, anywhere in the organization. Our 256-bit security architecture ensures the highest levels of security.

With an easy to use interface and near universal compatibility with all EMRs, TOM™ allows all levels of the organization to manage clinical performance by providing visibility down to the individual patient encounter. The powerful measure calculation engine is unmatched by any competitor and is proven to be 100% accurate when reporting and submitting data.

How does TOM™ work?

TOM™ marries clinical encounter data with patient claim data to maximize incentive money in pay for performance programs.   TOM™ gets physicians paid for the quality work they may already be doing. TOM™ uses a measure calculation engine, to allow the data to be aggregated from disparate sources and consolidated into a single clinical performance management solution.

We get your data from your systems so that you don’t have to!  The intelligent power of TOM™’s v9.7 processor can handle Electronic Health Record (EHR) data, Practice Management System (PMS) data and other sources through interface to hundreds of systems.    TOM™ can receive data QRDA1 files, CCD files and other HL7 files, and is able to convert them into QRDA3 files.

TOM™ is ONC Certified for data collection, translation, aggregation and submission of electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM).