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Stars / HEDIS Analytics

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Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®)

ReportingMD provides population health analytic solutions. We support networks, groups and hospitals in managing and reporting Stars / HEDIS®

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®), is a popular tool maintained and administered by NCQA to objectively measure health plan performance on important dimensions of care and services. It is one of health care’s most widely used tools, with more than 190 million people enrolled in plans that report HEDIS results.

HEDIS measures performance in health care where improvements can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Health plans look to HEDIS data to make informed decisions regarding improvements surrounding their quality of care.

HEDIS was designed to allow consumers to compare health plan performance to other plans and to national or regional benchmarks. Although not originally intended for trending, HEDIS results are increasingly used to track year-to-year performance.

Stars / HEDIS Analytics

The 90 HEDIS measures are divided into six “domains of care:”
• Effectiveness of Care
• Access/Availability of Care
• Experience of Care
• Utilization and Relative Resource Use
• Health Plan Descriptive Information
• Measures Collected Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems

These measures help identify the opportunities for improvement, oversee the success of the quality improvement and provide a set of regulation standards.

ReportingMD Population Health Analytic Solution

Our cloud-based, ONC Certified, HIPAA-compliant, Total Outcomes Management (TOM™) population health analytic platform is specially built with best-in-class technology to support the needs of healthcare organizations.

With an easy to use interface and near universal compatibility with all EMRs, TOM™ marries clinical encounter data with adjudicated claims data to provide real-time operational visibility into patient and population health.

ReportingMD solutions provide a 360-degree view of your population. The flexible measure calculation-engine provides a clear view of performance against any payer measure, CQM, eCQM, Stars / HEDIS®, or custom measures and benchmarks. In addition, the reporting process is simplified, with data available to meet any requirement.

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