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Outcome Management Analytics

Patient Outcome and Quality Analytics

Quality analytics extends beyond data aggregation and reporting. Success depends on strong clinical data expertise, extensive programmatic knowledge and performance analytic solutions that are flexible and transparent.

When managing patient outcomes, often there are information gaps that leaves providers and decision makers blind to quality performance benchmarks and way points. Mitigating the financial risk depends on bridging the information gap and providing the operational visibility necessary to analyze performance and uncover critical insights.

We partner within each level of an organization to help you make the transition to value-based risk smoothly, with less administrative burden and no disruption to the delivery of care.

What is value-based care

Value-based care programs rewards clinicians and practices for better serving their patients with more effective and efficient quality care. The objective is to change the healthcare system to be focused on the value of care, as measured by positive patient outcomes, rather than the volume of services performed.

The benefits to to engaging in value-based care programs include, better care for individual patients, better health for patient populations, and lower costs across the health care continuum.

For providers this is a double-edged sword. Within value-based care programs, enhanced reimbursement and incentives are aligned with better performance, but the provider bears some of the financial risk involved with low performance.

ReportingMD has more then 17-years’ experience in this category and is uniquely positioned to create a value-based care management program that allows:

  • Optimized quality scores
  • Reduce physician, IT and administrative burden
  • Enhance performance incentives and reimbursement
  • Improve patient outcomes through care-gap management