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Value Based Care

What Is Value-Based Care?

Value based care rewards clinicians and practices for better serving their patients with more effective and efficient quality care. The objective is to change the healthcare system to be focused on the value of care, as measured by positive patient outcomes, rather than the volume of services performed, with the goal of driving better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower costs across the healthcare continuum.

Value base care has been around in various forms for years, but the Medicare and CHIP Re-authorization Act (MACRA) legislation passed in 2015, helped to refine the system. The MACRA legislation is aimed at strengthening Medicare access and improving physician payments by rewarding high quality providers.

To promote a more value focused care system, MACRA legislated several different Medicare and alternative payer programs, which evaluate and measure the quality of care being performed.

Ultimately, healthier patients will lower healthcare expenditures.

Value Based Care

ReportingMD® works with clients to improve outcomes of a defined population by collecting data across the care continuum to define the patient experience.

At ReportingMD we provide Measure Driven Outcome Management Software called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™). Using TOM™, facilities and providers have operational visibility into the clinical outcomes within their patient populations to help improve care across their patient population. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by tying quality to performance revenue, so that physicians can quickly see their financial benefit.

TOM™ uses cloud-based architecture to merge rich clinical information with other data assets to identify at-risk patients and allow practitioners to close critical care gaps.

The powerful data engine of TOM™ offers the ability to access, track, and communicate electronic healthcare information at the point of care, thus improving day-to-day clinical performance.

Our clients engage ReportingMD’s technology, backed by our expert support, to improve population health outcomes, optimize clinical performance score and enhance revenue.