Get a Demo: (888) 783-5280 |
Get a Demo: (888) 783-5280 |
Hear what our guest Jen Gruger from Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center has to say about traveling the yellow brick road with ReportingMD.
and amazingly
uh reporting md has a patient match game
nailed i have worked with
projects and vendors involving data
exchange and data amalgamation where
inevitably i had to allocate resources
just to address duplicate patient
while betting the data and i don’t have
to do that with reporting md’s results
additionally the result is a
full patient story at a glance
i can look into the reporting tool
and see all of the quality measures
including and very importantly
ones that athena which is our primary
does not have built out in their quality
so it gives us more flexibility as far
as the measures that we can choose to
monitor and it gives us that snapshot of
the patient plus i can also see their
rath score
at a glance alongside those quality