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Commercial Programs

What are Commercial Pay-for-Performance programs?

Based on the success of Value-Based Care delivery models in the CMS environment, some insurance companies are moving towards pay-for-performance models.

Like their public counterparts, the commercial programs provide financial incentive to improve healthcare value and quality.

Why it’s Important and what you can expect

As larger portions of a practice revenue are earned based on value and quality, it may become increasingly complex to manage all the variables necessary to measure care delivery, identify care gaps and optimize reimbursement.

How ReportingMD can help you excel

ReportingMD has the experience and programmatic knowledge to help you establish the reporting framework necessary to thrive in complex pay-for-performance programs.

With the proven experience of our client services team and Total Outcomes Management (TOM™) a powerful measure calculation engine, ReportingMD can help you navigate the complexities of even the most complex program.