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About us

About ReportingMD

We are committed to helping our clients excel in an increasingly outcome-driven and value-focused environment. We combine our consulting, research and healthcare knowledge to foster improvements in quality patient care.

Outcomes management extends far beyond providing high-quality care. Successfully managing patient outcomes relies nearly as much on strong clinical data expertise, deep programmatic knowledge and analytic solutions that are flexible and transparent.

We partner within each level of an organization to help you stay ahead of the quality curve, with less administrative burden and no disruption to the delivery of care.

Superior patient outcomes require not only high-quality care delivery, but also the deployment of a comprehensive strategy for care and performance. With more than 17-years’ experience, ReportingMD is uniquely positioned to help establish a strategy for your success.

  • No disruption to your current workflow
  • Reduce physician, IT and administrative burden
  • Dedicated team with industry leading technology
  • Complete visibility into clinical quality benchmarks
  • Improve patient outcomes through care-gap management

Think of our team as your “plug-and-play” outcomes management analytics department.