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Contact Us: (888) 783-5280 |

About us

Analytics that drive actionable insights

About us

We combine our expertise in data and programmatic consulting to foster improvements in the quality of care and the quality of the patient experience.

Our support in successfully managing patient experience relies on strong clinical data expertise, in-depth programmatic knowledge and specialized analytic solutions that are flexible and transparent.

Our team is comprised of experts in the fields of data science, clinical data aggregation and value-based care programs in both the public and private payer space.

Our solutions provide a comprehensive strategy for care and performance. With more than 18-years’ experience, ReportingMD is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.

  • Vendor-agnostic interface
  • No disruption to the delivery of care
  • No disruption to your current workflow
  • Compatibility with all EMR and PM systems
  • Reduce physician, IT and administrative burden
  • Dedicated team with industry leading technology

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Your Team

Your team is composed of experts in the field of data analytics, healthcare administration and value-based care programs.

How do we put this experience to work for you? Our team, tools and technology are developed to help practices excel at managing complex programs without disrupting the quality of care.

We partner within each level of an organization to help you stay ahead of the patient experience curve, with less administrative burden on staff and no additional work for providers.

Clinical data100%
Data science100%
Programmatic experts100%
Dedicated advisors100%
Healthcare Administration100%