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Who We Serve

We work with large and mid-sized health care organizations to help them achieve their goals in managing patient outcomes


Your organization is unique, and so are your challenges. ReportingMD has more than 17-years experience, strong clinical data expertise and vast programmatic knowledge. We are proud to work with some of the finest health care systems and academic medical centers in the country.

How do we put this experience to work for you? Our team, tools and technology are developed to help practices excel at managing patient outcomes.

We partner within each level of an organization to help you stay ahead of the quality curve, with less administrative burden and no disruption to the delivery of care.

Some of the common challenges facing organizations today:

  • Data capture
  • HCC scoring
  • Referral leakage
  • Care coordination
  • Provider eligibility
  • Clinical quality variation
  • Managing disparate data sets
  • Reporting and submission burden

We work with organizations such as:

Medical Groups and Practices

As physician groups move toward inclusion in value-based care models, you need powerful partners to help with support and services that improve patient outcomes, quality scores and financial performance in value-based contracts. Our consultative approach combines clinical data expertise and trusted programmatic knowledge with rock-solid technology. We help to identify the levers that drive performance and reduce the administrative burden across the organization.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

Achieving population health management and leveraging each component of your organization (hospitals, physician practices, administrators, enterprise partners, community services, payers and patients) are the keys to success in managing your ACO. ReportingMD offers a flexible approach that seamlessly integrates with your organization’s infrastructure. Our team is engaged at all levels of the organization to provide the critical and actionable information that helps you succeed.

Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN)
Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHO)
Independent Practice Associations (IPA)

As physician groups take on more risk in value-based arrangements, some are choosing to align in the form of clinically integrated networks (CIN), physician-hospital organizations (PHO), or independent practice associations (IPA). As regulatory requirements and technology change, you need powerful partners to help with support and services that improve patient outcomes, quality scores, financial incentives and savings in value-based contracts. Our consultative approach combines rock-solid technology with trusted programmatic expertise to identify the levers that drive performance.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Health care organizations are sharing a greater portion of financial risk in value-based care. This shifting reimbursement landscape requires a robust analytic solution that provides actionable clinical insight. ReportingMD provides a comprehensive solution, which overcomes the challenges of working with multiple EHRs and disparate data sets. Our analytic solution provides the ability to aggregate data from multiple sources into a single valuable tool, providing actionable insight into patient outcomes across a broad selection of quality measures for both public and commercial payers.

Our data expertise, programmatic knowledge and rock-solid technology power the tools that measure and improve quality, cost, and patient experience.

Specialty Societies and Registries

Specialty societies play an essential role for providers who rely on access to patient registries, bench-marking, meeting regulatory requirements and sharing clinical insights. Specialty societies rely on the clinical data expertise necessary to streamline the process for members and the deep analytic skills necessary to support them.

EHR and Revenue Cycle Management Companies

ReportingMD is a trusted partner helping to bridge the information gap between EHR data and actionable clinical insight. We have worked closely with all major EHRs across medical practices, health care systems and academic medical centers. Our team and technology interface seamlessly to help you reach your quality goals regardless of your present or future EHR technology.

Our experience extends across all value-based care performance programs and quality measures, for both public and private payers.

Think of our team as your “plug-and-play” clinical analytics department.