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Total Outcomes Management (TOM) | ReportingMD, solutions for patient outcomes management
Is a lack of analytic resources harming your efficiency? As ACO programs evolve and mature, many are realizing that in order to thrive, they should reexamine the resources necessary to support physicians and the financial objectives of the organization. Providers are always eager to improve clinical outcomes. However, the sheer volume of data involved with...
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The little-known consequences of the 2021 ACO rules
Is a lack of analytic resources slowing your transition to value-based care? Medical groups find that value-based contracts are responsible for an increasing share of their revenue. As these programs mature, we see further evolution on both the public and private payer side. Value-based contracts are expected to account for more than 60 percent of...
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comprehensive MIPS solution
Understanding the complexity of financial risk involved with value-based reimbursement programs is a challenge. As value-based care reimbursement models have evolved, so too has the financial risk. Performance thresholds are moving higher and the sheer number of elements involved make it challenging to manage what’s needed to perform effectively under these contracts. An important resource...
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EHR Pitfalls that Lead to Gaps in Care
CMS wants to make quality scores easily accessible and readily available for the public. Did your “avoid-the-MIPS-penalty” strategy just backfire? There is much discussion about whether adhering to CMS Clinical Quality Measures has any direct impact on positive patient outcomes. Without a clear answer, a pragmatic approach to fulfilling the administrative requirement and simply avoiding...
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