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Simplifying clinical data collection and aggregation

Simplifying clinical data collection and aggregation

Clinical data collection and aggregation

The first step toward achieving the triple-aim of healthcare

Data collection and analysis lies at the center of improving clinical quality and achieving the triple aim of healthcare. That being, improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost.

Success in achieving these goals depends on an active participation in managing quality. Quality is quantified by complex “quality measures” that vary from contract to contract, payer to payer, and provider to provider. Measures are calculated using both clinical and/or claims data. As is the case in many areas, with more data points, leaders are provided additional opportunity for analysis.

Analyzing and comparing similar metrics across providers, groups or TINs provides opportunity to uncover areas of improvement.  Medical leadership can more easily ensure that similar care is delivered in a similar manner across the organization.

In order to manage “quality,” practices need specific tools. These tools, at their heart, should be based on solid technology and ease of use. From a practical standpoint, they need the ability to aggregate and validate clinical quality data with an analytics engine specifically tailored to clinical quality management.

Because no 2 practices interact with their EMR technology in the same way, aggregating the necessary data can be difficult. Critical details and data points can be in structured fields, notes, or PDFs attached to the patient record. Because of these individualities, aggregation requires experts in both the programmatic requirements and the clinical elements necessary to measure quality performance.

ReportingMD has experience in merging data across networks, ACOs, or CINs in a way that allows seamless gap-closure and less burden on administration and technology resources. We provide real-time actionable insights to clinicians and enable communication across the network to coordinate care pathways.

ReportingMD – the key to simplified data collection

ReportingMD enables high quality, complete, and up-to-date population health data assets based on normalized clinical EMR data, adjudicated claims-based data, SDoH, and other sources.

The process starts with creating an enterprise healthcare data asset, one that your providers trust and can use daily to support important care decisions and address key challenges. Large, disparate datasets are processed in near real-time thanks to the ReportingMD Data Connector. Our 18-years of EHR and Claims data experience make this connection seamless and precise.

  • Vendor-agnostic interface
  • Near universal compatibility with all EMR and PM systems

By effectively unifying claims and clinical data onto a single platform, ReportingMD helps simplify data collection, so that you can get on with the business of healthcare. Schedule your demo today.

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