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Care Gap Management

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Care Gap Management

As the market makes the slow and consistent shift from fee for service to fee for value, healthcare groups and networks are taking on different forms of financial risk. Programs in both the Federal and Commercial sectors have tied reimbursement to quality. Across the country, these vary in level of risk, from a modest incentive, up to 100% risk-bearing (capitated payment) models. With this market reimbursement shift, finding and closing gaps-in-care are critical to managing the health of your patient population and successful reimbursement.   

Because of the complexities of managing patients’ health across multiple encounters, providers, and organizations, care gaps are a challenging aspect of medicine that all practices encounter. Navigating toward better patient care is at the core of every practice’s mission. While there are numerous ways to make progress toward better patient care, ReportingMD streamlines care gaps management. Besides improving care, gap closing additionally helps improve performance for practices participating in incentive-based programs with insurance providers and/or government agencies.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify and address these care gaps and ReportingMD’s Total Outcome Management (TOM) platform is here is help. ReportingMD can help close those care gaps by providing a measure specific financial analysis to understand where your time is best spent to maximize your performance and increase patient outcomes. With our risk stratification technology, you can quickly identify patients at higher risk and setup your care team for best care and higher incentives payments.  TOM is extremely user friendly, allowing users to log in at any time while also allowing access to our team of expert dedicated advisors who are here to answer any and all questions.


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