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Case Study – AmeriWound

By Jessica Raymond



The dedicated advisor team has been a great assistance for helping me find information and learn more [about MIPS] and help my company [AmeriWound] be better and move in the right direction.”

-Christine Gray, Quality and Billing Auditor,  AmeriWound


Medical group finds ReportingMD’s flexibility and expertise immensely helpful for unexpected changes throughout the year

A brief conversation with one of our clients…


AmeriWound trusts the Dedicated Advisor team at ReportingMD to guide them in the right direction

ReportingMD’s highly knowledgeable team assists AmeriWound with the MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) processes. AmeriWound is not only highly active in ReportingMD’s TOM™ (Total Outcomes Management) product but utilizes the information to its fullest potential. When it comes to AmeriWound’s annual measure selection, Reporting MD’s team of experts is incredibly hands on. ReportingMD helps AmeriWound find more information when it comes to MIPS and overall, makes AmeriWound and the rest of their clients better operating companies.

“It is always gratifying for all of us at ReportingMD to support leaders like Christine with her industrious and focused attention to achieving the highest quality performance”

-John Zidansek, President of ReportingMD

With the help of ReportingMD’s Dedicated Advisor team, AmeriWound was not only able to submit a state that was previously unreported, but that location received a perfect score because of being submitted. ReportingMD’s team of Dedicated Advisors are always ready for any questions that our clients have and for any support that is needed.

“If ReportingMD was not already in place, I certainly would encourage our company to choose ReportingMD.”

-Christine Gray, Quality and Billing Auditor


About Christine Gray:

Christine Gray is the Clinical Quality and Billing auditor and has been with AmeriWound for almost two years. She works closely on aggregating data for  MIPS while also doing a large quantity of quality clinical auditing and related auditing for the billing department.


About AmeriWound:

AmeriWound has served patients in long term care facilities for close to a decade and is currently licensed to provide physician wound care in 8 states. AmeriWound is a mobile physician wound care company whose affiliated physicians round and treat patients in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and independent living facilities. AmeriWound’s affiliated physicians manage and treat all skin integrity (wounds) issues at the patient’s bedside. As the company’s mission states, “at AmeriWound we treat all patients with compassionate physician directed wound care treatment and management, resulting in superior wound healing outcomes”.

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