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Value-Based Care Analytic Solutions

Success relies on value-based care analytic solutions that are flexible and transparent

When managing value-based health care programs, often there are information gaps that leaves providers and decision makers blind to quality performance benchmarks and way points. Value-based care analytic solutions help mitigate the financial risk by bridging the information gap and providing the operational visibility necessary to analyze performance and uncover critical insights.

At ReportingMD, we provide an ONC Certified measure driven value-based care analytic solution called Total Outcomes Management (TOM™).

TOM™ is the premier business intelligence solution for large and mid-sized health care organizations that are ready to actively manage clinical performance and value-based care programs.

Our Enterprise solution offers several areas of support that are critical to an organization that wants to maximize performance across multiple value-based care programs.

With an easy to use interface and near universal compatibility with all EHRs, TOM™ allows all levels of the organization to engage with clinical performance by providing visibility down to the individual patient visit.

TOM™ gives organizations and providers the ability to access, track, and communicate critical gaps in patient care, for both public payers and commercial payers, thus improving clinical performance.

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