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Total Outcomes Management

Population health & outcomes management analytic platform

Total Outcomes Management (TOM™)

Our cloud-based, ONC Certified, HIPAA-compliant, Total Outcomes Management (TOM™) population health analytic platform is specially built with best-in-class technology to support the needs of healthcare organizations with high availability data ingestion, computation, and storage.

In partnership with our clients, we build a foundation of data and technology that drive tangible improvements in health. The powerful TOM™ platform brings patient data together in unique ways, unleashing the value that comes from uncovering the right insight, for the right patient, at the right time.

The result? Superior patient outcomes, healthier populations, and lower costs.

ReportingMD solutions provide organizations the ability to manage at-risk populations and identify costly gaps in patient care.

In greater detail

Merging clinical and claims data into a single dashboard, ReportingMD solutions are built on rock-solid technology. With the power to manage multiple TINs and drill-down to the individual patient encounter, this powerful tool provides real-time actionable insight.

Benefits of the TOM™ platform
  • Vendor-agnostic, configurable data connectors for more than 50 EMRs, SDoH, claims systems and ADT feeds
  • Ingestion, validation, normalization, and integration of clinical and claims data into a complete, 360-degree population health data asset
  • Automated data quality monitoring detects anomalies
  • Accessed from a cloud-based, secure, ONC Certified, platform with reports and dashboards for analysis

TOM™ allows password-protected access to data from anywhere in the organization. Our 256-bit security architecture ensures the highest levels of security.

With an easy to use interface and near universal compatibility with all EMRs, TOM™ marries clinical encounter data with adjudicated claims data to provide real-time operational visibility into patient and population health.

Organizations equipped with this specialized analytics platform are reaping the savings, uncovering inefficiencies, and improving patient outcomes.

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