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ReportingMD and Center for Healthcare Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

By Jessica Raymond

GEORGES MILLS, N.H. – February 9, 2023 – Center for Healthcare Solutions (C4HS), formerly know as The Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania, and ReportingMD today announce the launch of a strategic partnership to help C4HS’s healthcare facility-based provider members to leverage analytics in machine learning to improve the health of local patient populations and assist members in the transition to a Value Based Healthcare system.

According to Nick Vizzoca, president at C4HS and leader of the non-profit organization (the state’s leading voice for healthcare facilities in more than 30 counties across Pennsylvania and West Virginia), “This partnership with ReportingMD will create an innovative opportunity for alliance members to be proactive in managing the health of their patients. We welcome the opportunity to work with ReportingMD and its innovative Total Outcomes Management (TOM™) platform on behalf of our members to decrease costs, dramatically increase revenues, and support the MIPS reporting process while assisting their patients in mitigating rising out-of-pocket medical expenses in a value-based care (VBC) environment.”

According to Shaun Priest, Chief Revenue Officer of ReportingMD, “We are beyond excited for this opportunity to partner with Center for Healthcare Solutions and its members. Our Total Outcome Management platform, which we call TOM™, will enable alliance members to improve operational and financial performance, with our EHR Integrations, on-line analytics, and dedicated advisors giving alliance member an easy-to-use online lens to monitor and mitigate discrete populations and rising healthcare expenses.”

 “Our TOM™ platform brings patient data together in unique ways unleashing the value that comes from uncovering the right insight, for the right patient, at the right time resulting in superior patient outcomes, healthier populations, and lower costs,” continues Priest.


About ReportingMD:

With over 20 years of experience, ReportingMD brings a complete data source into one system, providing a 360-degree view of patient population, across your network, group, or practice. ReportingMD solutions provide organizations the ability to manage at-risk populations and identify costly gaps in patient care. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, ONC certified, analytic platform is specially built with best-in-class technology to support the needs of healthcare organizations with detailed provider performance, and drill-down to the individual patient encounter.


About C4HS:

 Center for Healthcare Solutions is a super-regional alliance representing a continuum of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, long-term acute care providers, and specialty hospitals. In addition, C4HS partners with more than 30 sponsors and business associates to support the region’s healthcare providers. As a strategic partner and neutral convener for our membership to work collaboratively and address common concerns and share best practices, Council driven solutions enable members to improve the health of our communities and maintain their status as economically viable entities. C4HS prepares regular financial and workforce reports to help decision-makers in their planning processes, provides up-to-date educational and training materials on best practices and compliance and serves as a hub for connecting members to relevant industry resources.